AdoramaPix Wedding Photo Book Creation Tips

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[fontawesome icon=”heart” variation=”purple” size=”1x”]Photo Selection

You’ve been given 2,000 photos from your photographer and less than 100 will probably go into your Wedding Photo Book. How do you choose? Here’s a great way to pick. Simply break your photos down into the order of the day. For example, pre-ceremony, ceremony, formals, bride and groom photos, wedding party photos, reception, etc. Now go through each folder and pick your five or so favorite photos. You have just told your wedding story by merely picking images from each part of the day.


[fontawesome icon=”heart” variation=”purple” size=”1x”]Tell a Story

Your wedding is a story. It needs a great cover, start , plot and finish. You already have the plot, you were married. Now pick three images of you and your spouse from the wedding day – they should be your favorites. These three photos will introduce and give closure to your wedding story. If you are using a hardcover photo book, you’ll want an image on the front of your book that sets the scene. When opening the photo book, consider using a great panoramic shot of you and your spouse with your wedding date on it. And then finally, consider picking an end of the night shot to close the photo book out. You have now just told the story of your wedding from cover to cover!

[fontawesome icon=”heart” variation=”purple” size=”1x”]Details

When laying out your photo book you may find yourself stuck from time to time. Perhaps you need a horizontal or vertical photo but you can’t find one. It’s great to have a folder containing just detail photos from your big day. If  you have a close up of your rings, this is a perfect image that can slide in anywhere into the album. The same goes for flowers, jewelry, programs etc. When feeling stuck, rely on your detail pictures.

[fontawesome icon=”heart” variation=”purple” size=”1x”]Layouts & Text

AdoramaPix offers several wedding photo book layouts and templates. You are able to customize them easily to your tastes with different stickers, backgrounds, and text. When adding text to your photo book, remember less is always more in wedding photo books.  The images will be striking enough and sometimes words get in the way or can distract from wedding photo books. So if you keep it to a minimum, your photos will be the showcase.

Wedding photobook layout

[fontawesome icon=”heart” variation=”purple” size=”1x”]Gifts

You just put hours and hours into making your wedding photo book. Do not let that go to waste. Did you know that you can get different sizes of your wedding photo book? AdoramaPix offers the option to get smaller sizes of the photo book you just made! These are the perfect gifts for mom, dad, the wedding party, and grandparents. It’s the gift that will last for generations. You can also copy your book and make changes to the copy. This allows you to add personalized dedications, or to substitute some of the photos with ones more relevant to the recipient.

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