7 Tips To Avoid Messing Up Your Vows

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Whenever we hear wedding vows we seem to freeze up (especially the men). All that love and emotion you have for that one special person seems to get lost in translation and we seem to end up with sentences that make no sense and aren???t very ???. rom...

Whenever we hear wedding vows we seem to freeze up (especially the men). All that love and emotion you have for that one special person seems to get lost in translation and we seem to end up with sentences that make no sense and aren’t very …. romantic. As a blog writer I know how hard it is to organize your thoughts and put it all on paper without it sounding like something a five year old wrote. So I will give you some tips on writing and having some fun while doing so.

First Tip:

Find Free Time- Very important for you to have your own time with no interruptions such as friends IM-ing you or your mom calling you to ask if you chose her favourite wedding cake, or in some cases your 2 year old twins running around trying to get your attention. You want this time to be all about you, so you can hear and feel your thoughts and emotions. Make sure it’s a spot where you can feel relaxed and serene. Also this is not an easy task that is done in a few minutes, so make sure you take a couple of hours away from everything. You need time to get these vows just right, after all you will only be doing this once!

Second Tip:

Turn Up The Music! – Music to me is so important when I am writing. If I don’t have the right music I just can’t focus properly, and that makes the writing so much harder. I use music to inspire me and you should do the same. Find a song that means something to the both of you, or a song that speaks to you and reminds you how great your time with your lifetime partner is. This will help you during the writing process to bring out those emotions, and get the ideas flowing.

Third Tip:

A Bottle Of Your Finest Wine – Alright, so maybe this tip isn’t as important as the rest, but I think it is definitely one of the most enjoyable ones! And yes your finest wine might be a bottle worth $8.99 that you grabbed from your closest liquor store but hey, you are a bride working on a strict budget no one is judging you.


Fourth tip:

Map It Out! – Now that you have relaxed to some inspiring music and to your budget friendly bottle of wine, you can put all those great ideas you have on paper. The important thing is to stay organized and do not panic! Start with three main topics and write it all down in point form,

o   The beginning – How you met, who introduced you, funny comment/story about the honeymoon phase

o   The middle – The journey of your relationship, the problems you conquered, the new memories you created

o   The NEW beginning – And finally the end of a relationship and the beginning of a new life together, the new memories you will create, the family you will start, the goals you might have or will have

Fifth Tip:

Grab The Tissues- I guess I should have added this in the beginning before I opened up the flood gates of emotions and memories but better late than never!

Sixth Tip:

Start Writing – One of the toughest parts of any writing assignment is always the beginning but if you look back you already wrote some ideas down now all you have to do is explain them, and add to them. The words will just start flowing as soon as you look over those point forms and start writing.


Seventh Tip:

Review – Make sure to read over your work, while you’re writing and when you are done. This will help you keep all your thoughts going to one direction instead of all over the place. Another great thing to do would be to read it to your BFFs. You will get some feedback and reaction before you go in front of that big crowd of guests and spill out your guts to the love of your life. This will also help calm down the wedding day jitters we all know you will have on your special day.

There you go! These are some of my writing tips to help you express your true feelings to the love of your life.

Hope it helps,


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