5 Ways to Turn a Bad Review Into a Good One

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Don’t let a bad review taint your reputation.

Here are a few tips on how to handle a not so nice review and turn it into a positive opportunity for you.

1)  Respond: Besides letting clients know that you are aware of what happens in your business, addressing a bad review shows potential customers that you care about your customers’ experience.

2) Show empathy: Put yourself in the bride’s shoes. This is a very stressful time for her and she may be less patient and understanding than other customers.

3) Shed some insight: Briefly explain the situation. Brides have only seen one side of the story so far. In most cases, there is more to the story than what the unsatisfied customer describes.

4) End on a good note: Try to smooth things out by offering some resolution or by wishing the customer well.

Formula for a good response:

[icon name=icon-heart] Respond: Hello (bride’s name), thank you for posting your feedback.

[icon name=icon-heart] Show empathy: I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I know this must be a stressful time for you and I regret not being able to help you.

[icon name=icon-heart] Shed insight: We left you a few voicemails but didn’t hear back from you / I am sorry we took longer than usual to respond to your email / We did try to reschedule your appointment but unfortunately our schedules didn’t coincide.

[icon name=icon-heart] End on a good note: We would like to extend the offer for you to be able to use your package/ Here is our phone number, feel free to reach us at any time / We wish you the best of luck on your final wedding plans.

Here is an example the review section on Weddingful:

Reviews, turn a bad review around


As you can see, the over all ratings are only affected if there are no other reviews so make sure you get as many good reviews from current/previous clients as you can!

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