5 Tips To Get The Best From Your Wedding Vendors

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1.     Communicate your Dream and vision as exact as possible:

When your vendor can envision your dreams, he/she will be able to recreate it with ease.  Share what you like, what you dislike, your wedding colours, the look and feel of what you’d like to have, and allow your vendor to create it for you.

2.    Trust your vendor:

It is true that it is not easy to put your absolute trust in a vendor, but those brides that are willing to do it are, more often than those who don’t, happily surprised beyond their imagination.  Vendors with enough years of experience know their business extremely well and, with enough flexibility and trust, can do much more for you.  Your trust means the world to them and with it, any vendor will do wonders to surprise you and surpass your expectations.

3.    Be flexible:

When a bride wants to know exactly how many “lines” her cake will have in the design, or exactly how many roses and orchids her bouquet will have, or exactly how many beads will be added to her dress, your vendor might just be too limited to offer an even better result.  As your wedding is being designed, your vendor will be thinking of you, your vision, your dreams, your likes and dislikes.  With this, he/she will be able to create a breathtaking result … when flexibility is allowed.  This will ensure that your vendor can make additions and/or substitutions that will only improve the result.


4.    Have a budget before you see the catalogues:

If you and your fiancee haven’t worked out a budget, it is never too late to do it!  It is amazing how much money can fly out of your pockets with last minute things that weren’t planned. Couples that work with a budget can ask vendors to adjust to that number. There will be less stress and many less unplanned expenses.

5.    Have a timeline:

If you give your supplier enough time, you will have a higher chance of getting exactly what you have envisioned.  Consider important things such as trying to get red flowers for a Wedding too close to, or on, Valentine’s day, or getting married during a spring break or any other holiday. Specially for those of you who are getting married during the prime wedding season, it is important to plan in advance. Try to book your favorite vendors with as much notice as possible (6 months is great).  However, don’t panic! If you forgot to book a vendor, with flexibility and trust, he/she will be able to create something very beautiful for you, even under a short notice.

Cheers for a Happily Ever After!

This is a guest post from Karina Recio, from Katsura Designs in Vancouver, BC. 


  1. Great blog my daughter is getting married this info means a lot to me.

  2. The only way to pull this off is a mid-afternoon wedding fwllooed by a cake reception. You serve homemade lemonade, iced tea, soda, coffee, tea, a generous and gorgeous fruit and cheese display with crackers, and the star piece, the wedding cake. Expect people to stay 1-2 hours to congratulate the bride and groom, and the whole thing should finish by 4 or 5 pm. An evening reception with dancing is not possible on that budget. Work with what you have. A very thoughtful and beautiful cake reception can be done well on your budget.

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