5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Band for Your Bride

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Guest Post: Jason Parks of Majesty Diamonds

Choosing a wedding band for your sweetheart is no small task. She will be wearing this ring every day for years to come, so you want to make sure you’re presenting her with a wedding band she will love.

Before you start shopping, make sure you have a checklist of all the things she would want in a ring. Make sure to look for a style that appeals to her personality and sense of fashion. If cost is an issue, know your budget beforehand. Do you know her stance on ethical diamonds? And have you agreed to buy matching wedding bands?

Buying her ring shouldn’t feel like an uphill battle – it should be fun! Here are some tips to ensure her 100 percent happiness on your wedding day!


Matching Bands

If you have decided as a couple to get matching or complementary wedding bands, that will certainly help in whittling down which style elements you should be looking for in her ring.

Whether you’re thinking custom, or opting for a mixed metal approach to your bands, or simply having them engraved with an identical line of poetry, there are so many ways to ensure your wedding bands speak to both of your unique personalities and the special love you have for one another.


Suits her Personality

When shopping for your bride-to-be’s wedding band, you will need to consider both her personality and her sense of style. Is her fashion approach glamorous? Or is she more modest in her apparel? Would she want something classic, or would she prefer a lot of sparkle?

You also need to factor in her engagement ring, and make sure that the wedding band you select will make for a terrific looking set.


Staying Within Your Budget

Weddings are expensive, and buying the engagement ring and wedding band can certainly set you back. That is why it is best to budget beforehand, so that you know how much you can spend. By carefully researching the different metals, carat sizes, and diamond wholesalers – you can stay within your budget.

Don’t fret if your budget doesn’t allow for a big splurge on the wedding band. With the breadth of selection these days, there are rings for every budget. Ranging in price from $200-$5,000 you are guaranteed to find wedding bands in every shape and style.



Gone are the days of plain white gold wedding bands. With so many options on the market, it will be easier for you to find a ring that will distinctly suit her.  When it comes to style, you will need to know which kind of metal she prefers.

Does she want yellow, white or rose gold? Or would she want mixed metals? Does she want classic white diamonds, or would she prefer a band accented with vivacious black diamonds? Would an eternity band suit her?

Knowing the answers to these questions will ensure that she gets the ring she has been dreaming about.


Ethical Diamonds

There are a growing number of people who are turning to ethically sourced diamonds for their engagement and wedding rings. If conflict-free diamonds are important to your partner, make sure to do your research on the subject before you seek out retailers.

Ask the retailer where the diamonds were mined, and avoiding diamonds mined in places like Zimbabwe and Angola is advisable.

Buying diamonds mined in Canada may cost you more, but the labor and environmental standards are rigorously upheld in Canada.