4 Things You Don’t Know About 2016 Couples

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You’ve survived another busy wedding season and you deserve a break! But wait, new 2016 (even some 2017 couples) are done with summer holidays and eager to plan now. (I know! You deserve a much longer break!)
We’ve noticed these 4 2016 Wedding Trends already that you may want to know about:

1. Couples are booking way earlier now
We used to look at a summary of our user accounts to analyze their wedding dates, now we can also look at the new requests couples are posting and their messages’ event dates.Wow! Look like the average 9.9 months they take to plan has shrunk way down to 7 months and they used to plan 9 months in advance, and now that’s more than 12!Take a look at this current list of wedding requests: we are surprised to see many categories like hair and makeup or limo that used to be booked later, just 3 – 4months before their wedding dates are now being requested a year in advance.

Look at these wedding requests, nearly 9-11 months before their wedding date!


2. Couples are doing their homework and asking very specific questions.

Slightly self-serving but looks like our research and education have paid off. We used to see the majority of couples asking general things like “Just want to find out more.” or “Are you available on this date?”. Today, we are seeing an increase of specific questions to our vendors, as if they already know your prices and already know the availability and really just narrowing down some final details. (Whew! No more of the same questions!)A lot more couples are also very clear on what they want, the lingo and cutting to the chase, wanting to turn their exact vision into reality.See these examples of weddings:

3. Couples STILL Don’t Know How Much Things Should Cost
While every couple still want the best bang for their bucks – that will probably NEVER change. They actually mostly don’t know how much things should cost. There are some good news.Our analysis shows that early-stage couples (generally 3-4 weeks away from actually purchasing) default choose on their wedding requests ($) one dollar sign. (Yes, who wouldn’t want exactly what they want for the least amount, make sense).Good news is though, once the couple have been “around the block” and figured out some going rates and that “you do get what you paid for”, they generally then edit or choose $$ (two) or $$$ (three) dollar signs, reflecting how they now feel about this category they need and wanting better quotes that include more.

We have also been watching the connections and responses to quotes.

Usually couples do wait up to a week after posting their request, collecting quotes to then act on it (or perhaps they just have to nail down their fiance’s time next weekend) but there is a staggering near 100% open rate on ALL the quotes AND they do click on your profiles and available prices to take a good look at each submitted quote too. Yay!

Then after some time has gone by, they get serious about really booking an item, usually at the point where they’ve receive 5+ quotes, they then have a 40% chance of reaching out and responding. This whole process usually span around 2-3 weeks.

With a comprehensive profile and specific quote already, we see them asking very specific questions like “What type of flowers will you use in the bouquet ?” “Will you travel to [my address]?”. If you get the respond after sending a request, you are generally 2 out of 5 quotes and have a really good chance of winning it. Congrats. We have even seen majority of quotes be won by the higher range of the quote that includes the most.

So big takeaway here is definitely play the game and participate – be the 5 quotes they consider and look at – you at least get considered and researched into. Then win by a very personal and customized message, a specific and helpful quote. Stand out by how good your service is and most importantly how amazing your connection is with them.

At the end, all of the couples seem to choose the final vendor by connection, the good news is, now they are not rushed or frustrated like they used to be. They don’t get stressed by the voicemails and calls and they are just calmly considering the connections and quality of quotes.


4. Couples are sending 4 times more messages than last season.
These days, couples who prefer calls and voicemails over texts and instant online messages are nearly, well none. We are now just entering a new realm where everything is online and information is expected quickly. If there’s anything hidden or unspecified, they ignore and skip instead of calling to inquire.We have made our message box on each profile very convenient, filling in their wedding dates and adding their previous message. They also do not require any login or sign up now so it is AS convenient as it gets. We’ve noticed over 10,000+ messages per month. Each of our members are on average, sending 4x more messages than before.Have a listing yet? Make sure you fill it with great info so they KNOW you are a vendor they can choose. It will come with a message box (Not a member yet? Click here to upgrade now). When you get a message, you’ll be notified on email and all you have to do is hit reply, right on your email programs and even on mobile.

Want more tips or get in touch with these couples?

1) Get featured on our listings and couples can message you
2) Check out posted wedding requests and send them a quote for $5.