3 Tips on Getting The Perfect Custom Quotes

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There are plenty of reasons why wedding planning can cause stress and anxiety, but one big (and avoidable) cause of stress is vendor research. When you have to email and call each vendor to ask if they are available, within your budget and if they even do what you have in mind, it really takes up time and at the end, you may not even find that perfect quote that suits your needs!


Weddingful has created a nifty tool that can shrink all that down to one simple step for you. Just fill in our “Wedding Requests” and tell us what you need. We do the work for you by sending this to thousands of vendors in your city. If they are a match (meaning they have your wedding date available, work within your budget and offer what you request) they send us a quote for you. We know time is of the essence so the first 3 vendors to be a good fit will participate to avoid overwhelming you.


You can now sit-back, relax and consider all the suitable quotes that come your way and simply choose the perfect one you and your one-and-only like best for your wedding.


Now, how do you get the best suitable quotes for what you need? Here are the Top 3 things to keep in mind:


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1. BE SPECIFIC (even if you will change your mind later)
You always have the option to post another wedding request so don’t worry about still on the fence between details, you reserve the right and prerogative to change your mind (You are getting married afterall, dammit!).


The more specific you can be about what you need, like putting down 4 bridal bouquets that are medium size, and white and gray color theme with around 120 guests on a certain date will go a long way in getting a quote that is, you guessed it – specific.


Mistake #1:
“I don’t know my date yet, still finalizing the venue so I have not invited anyone and so I don’t know how many guests yet. We haven’t really finalized our colors, and I’m not totally sure what flowers we need.” It is completely okay not knowing what you want yet but is near impossible for someone to give you a quote on a request like that. Worse yet, you will likely get the pitches and the sales brochures “I can do whatever you want, just give me a call.” Well that’s no good to you, right?


Post a request and description of what you will likely go for. Try posting your multiple choices “between 3-5 bouquets” “75-100 guests” are better options than “undecided”.


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We totally get it, you want a great deal, the BEST bang for your buck. We are here to help! Most couples follow the good old bargaining trick “I’ll chop my real price in half and work its way back up”, unfortunately, this doesn’t really work for weddings.


When you set a budget range in dollar signs, $, $$ or $$$, you aren’t setting how much you are willing to pay, you are matching your wedding to suitable vendors. Just as the vendors are in competition to win you over, you are also presenting yourself as a desirable wedding for them to work on. When you set your budget range as $, it will not only be shown to vendors who are $ only, but it also attracts quotes from vendors who identify themselves as $. (Which is usually someone who’s new to the business or may have a low rating).


For example, if you do care about a certain item, like a wedding cake but it’s not your most important item to splurge on, then try setting two dollar signs ($$). It’s the mainstream choice and you are then shown to vendors who are rated $$ and attracts quotes from vendors who balance quality and experience with price. $$ means you are going for someone with certain level of ratings and experience, not wanting to break the bank, quality and competence matter too. Remember, you can consider your quotes first and negotiate after too.


Make the negotiating and bargaining AFTER receiving all your quotes, but keep your matching pure on the quality, rating and competence you truly want.


Mistake #2
“Hey, I want a great deal. I have been getting quotes for $1000 for a cake! I will try setting my budget really low, like $100 and see if someone can hit it.” Your request won’t get much attention, or you might attract a few bids that may end up wasting your time.


For those who are splurging on a certain category, you know that is the most important thing for you in this memorable wedding of yours, then set three dollar signs ($$$), what it means is you are now looking for the best of the best, the luxury and most qualified vendors in the city. There are no obligations when you consider quotes anyways, if it ends up being above your budget, simply negotiate from there on, but at least your wedding is attracting those who identify themselves as the best too and have the confidence and experience to back up what you are wanting.


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It is all about saving time and having a relaxing time while you consider these quotes but setting time aside to plan your wedding and consider those quotes diligently when you get them will really help get things moving.


I’m sure some of you know the pain (not to mention the impression) you get when you write vendors emails or leave them a voice mail and you don’t get much back. Or worse yet, what you do get back is an auto-response or a generic email telling you to read stuff. Not a great impression, right?


Well, negotiating quotes, narrowing down to the final vendor (and ultimately booking the final vendor) is a relationship and you are building a two-way street. If you set aside time, say every Wednesday night, or every weekend afternoon to receive these quotes and sit down to consider them with your fiancé, you will be able to not only pay attention to the great ones you found, but also be responsive and give great answers and insightful questions to the vendors you do come across.


Last thing you want is to have missed out on a great vendor because you got too busy one week and one of the quotes got lost in the shuffle. When you are responsive and “on-the-ball”, vendors notice it too. Any business owner is going to want to choose a great customer who is reasonable, responsive and easy to work with. You are putting yourself at a great negotiating position when you are a wedding and a couple they want to work with. I am not just saying negotiating in a monetary way, but also if you have a popular August Saturday, he or she is going to prioritize taking your wedding first over someone else.


Who doesn’t want to be top of mind and deemed as the best customer when the vendors respond to you and remember you by name right? You can create this great first impression and be a sought-after wedding when you are do these 3 things right! Good luck and let us know how our Weddingful Quotes can help you further on your perfect wedding.
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