3 Tips For A Successful Photo Shoot

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Hello girls and boys and welcome to another one of our blog posts! We took a little break but now we are back with a great new topic. For the past few weeks I have been noticing a lot of engagement, love-session, after-wedding photo-shoots and it got me thinking about some future tips.

For those of you who are not familiar with these types of photo-shoots, I will give you a little info before I get into the tips. The photo-shoots are all pretty similar to each other. There is not much difference except when the shots are taken. For example, the engagement shots are usually done after the engagement and before the wedding. The love session is mostly a few weeks or months before the wedding. And the after-wedding photo-shoot is after the wedding day. During the sessions the photographer tries their best to capture the couples love and affection. Most of the time they are very successful however, use these few tips as a guide.


First tip would be – Just have fun with it!

In my life I have worked with a couple of professional photographers. My sister was a model so I was lucky enough to be behind the scenes on a lot of photo-shoots. I worked on a lot of sets as well as helped out a very good family friend with her studio photo-shoots. The main thing that the camera loves is an eye-catching personality. Everyone has something special to them and make sure to bring out that little something during the session. If you are a little camera-shy just relax and focus on your loved one. Make it seem like there is no one there but you two and it will definitely show through the photos.

Second tip – Use props

When you are doing a themed wedding it would be fun to incorporate your love session and/or engagement session into that theme. I have seen some amazing ideas for props that I definitely did not expect. Like I always say, let your imagination run wild and just think of the best object that could help you and your hubby represent your affection for each other throughout the photos. Beware, whenever you are working with a prop there is always a possibility of the prop overshadowing you. If the photographer is professional enough he or she will make sure to walk you through the shoot and help you out with using the prop properly. However, just relax and don’t overdo it. Be yourself and have fun!

[[posterous-content:pid___1]] The last but not least, the third tip would be – Use your imagination

I know I keep repeating this like a parrot however, imagination is key when you are doing sessions. The amazing photo-shoots I have seen so far were all based on the couple’s ideas. The photographer was just there to mold and capture the image the couple had in their heads.  Pick something you both love and use it as a prop. It can even be a hobby like horseback riding, soccer, dance, etc. Or even find a favorite venue and do your photo-shoot there. Maybe it can be a place where you first met, kissed, where he proposed, etc. You never know what you will think of if you just let your mind wander. So like I always say and will keep saying… Use your imagination!!!

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